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Self-funding, we like it!

We love the concept of self-funding. Self-funding in it self is not a mystery, except to those who are still brainwashed by the “fata morgana” portrait by the current bank system. Still many people believe that they have to go to a bank drop 100% of their assets, get a loan of 50% of the asset value and still be on the hook for the full 100% including interest.

Self-funding takes a different point of view and uses the systems that now become more and more available to the “non-bankers”. While using these systems, you, the project owner, do not need to rely on the system in such as way that it becomes your “master” and in result you become the “slave”.

“No!”: we said some time ago. “We focus on using the system, for what it is worth, instead of the system using us as a slave!” This is a quite a different perspective from the norm.

With using the concept of self-funding, small project, from 3 m up to 50 m can be funded in such way. (Ofcourse where there is a balance and the foundation is sturdy), there is no need to give up your hard earned assets. We have adaptable/flexible structures available, which can be applied to nearly any serious project, so that there is no recourse. Under the black line, you, the project owner, got your project financed against “Naugth”.

No repayments

No dilution of shares

No interest to pay


We understand that the concept of self-funding is a leap  to the next “quantum level” of thinking, but, why not make everybody happy and satisfied, project owners, consultants, fund providers, the same.

We invite all project owners to think about it!

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What exactly do we do….?

Again, to many times we are confronted with the fact that the majority of people seeking our firm’s services are so incredibly, well.., brainwashed by the current system.

We have found a niche and enormous cavernous rift, actually, where most project owners strand in it and never get out from it. It took us years to find and understand it. Because of our findings we reached back to the elements of old, Earth, Water, Wood, Fire, Spirit. No project has the chance of success if any of these elements are not equally and in a balance form available.

That latter, finding out what the balance of the elements is, possibly modifing the project owners plan, so that the plan has a higher rate of returning a success, something mutual beneficial all parties really want.

If those project owners, only seeking money, they are clearly at the wrong address. We help to balance the plans of project owners in such a way, that we can advise our partners to indeed finance the project in front of them. We, xelarim, are not a bank! We do not finance any project. We leave the actually act of financing a project to those who have the specific expertise, licenses and permits. The financing, the actual money, is actually only a very small, not to say important, part of the total solution.

We know what the funders, providers of finance want. These providers have usually years of experience and have seen “millions” more projects that we have over the last 20 years that we have. Their own conclusions, which is not far from ours, is that 95-99% of all projects offered, independent of the project sometimes wonderful product, are not fundable. For what reason? Again, there is no or insufficient foundation to anker the building (the project) on to it.

Therefor, our team xelarim, we are foundation builders.

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Private Placement? What Does Really Work!

First of all what is basically a private placement?

A private placement is nothing more than a personal agreement with a financial services provider, such as a bank or for instance hedge fund.

It is about the placement of funds into a specific contract, usually designed just for you. Withother words the contract is not going to be made public.


What does work?


Small cap programs.

Usually aimed at people with qualified funds (funds not needed to life on, from savvy investors). They usually start from 5000 euro. The results a few and far between, as very little money is made, but, it is still much better than the super low interest rates you can enjoy from your savingsaccount.

Mid cap programs.

Aimed at people with 25 m and more in qualified funds. The returns are in the range of 5-15% per year (low risk), higher risk is 10-15% per month. With these amounts, you can truly begin to built your fortune.

Private placement programs based on MTNs

This is realm of the big boys and girls. The minimum input is 100 m Euro. This is one of the most secure options you can choose. The returns can be gigantic 25% per week on the low end.


The amount of traders that can do the MTN based trads is limited. These trades are only open to pre-qualified investors.

The best trades with the higher consitent results are the secure trades based on MTNs. Those type of trades are not for everyone and the fact is that not everybody has a spare 100 m Euro lying around.

The reality is that, when it comes funds seekers, for their project are better off with small cap programs.

There are cost involved, nothing is for free. Luckily we are aware of methods where people will not loose their shirts.

We only work with licensed entity overseen by financial oversight institutions such as the AFM, Finma, Finra and similar.



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What Do We Do For You?

Team Xelarim are “foundation” builders.  So what is a “foundation”?

A foundation is a construct which exists out of at least 4 very basic elements. Those elements are the “elements of old” still valid, but a little bit modernized.

Some of the elements are:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Spirit (the unspoken element)

We have analysed many projects, but, the majority is lacking in one department. The foundation where the project can be build on.

We come accross many project owners, whom have wonderful projects, well designed and engineered, but there is hardly or no foundation to build their proverbial house on, their project. Money is just one of the elements.

More than 95% of all projects, don’t even start or actually fail because of this simple fact,.. There is no real substance, no real foundation!


This is what we do for you:

  • We analyse your project. every project is different,
  • We create a matrix, where every element is to be represented, if there is something missing, we advise the project owner on the missing element and offer a solution,
  • Once our report is accepted and the “green” light is given by the project owner, than we project as agreed by contract.
  • We will offer a maximum of 3 solutions for the project owner the choose from.
  • Once a solution is chosen, that solution will be executed.



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This is a subject that many potential clients do not understand. One can not make huge amounts of “money” without a serious amount of “money” first. It is simply not possible, the current system simply does not allow it.

As you may know the banking system is by nature a very egoïstic. It is self-centered and not really aimed at helping you with your endeavors. They smile at you and seem to be polite but the fact is that they will kiss the bottom of your feet, even when you just walked through manure, to get your hard earned cash in their possession. The bankers can behave like a bunch of Ferengi (Search for the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, you will exactly know what I mean.)

Use the system for what it is and let it work for you, instead of you working for the system!

Check out the following: Interbank rate, Euro-ribor and Ribor rates. Then you will also understand what I am talking about.

There are simple methods/tricks on the market which only parties in the bank can work with, because they have the licenses to do so. (Every black box needs their operators.) The parties we deal with can create a lot of “money” (for projects) out of starting a small amount. It is possible to build serious fortunes starting with 350 k -1 m Euro over time. The same cycle is repeated over and over again. (Now you know what a banker actually is. Let, your imagination run free.) When I am taking about serious fortunes, I am talking about a multitude of millions in less than 5 year, without you having to lift a finger.

The current system allows for a huge multiplication factor 10-15 times in “normal banking” in Forex trading the multiplication factor can be even higher. The higher the multiplication factor the higher the risk of loss though, but still it is done. The multiplication factor is one of the major secrets. For those who are not aware of it, it can be used to create unbelievable fortunes.

The system is interactive, it needs you to function!


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Have you ever asked yourself, what is the actual foundation of banking? I can tell you, it is unbelievable simple. In order to understand what the institute of banking really is, you have to dive into thousands of years of history of banking.

Here is the shortcut:….

  • Banks are glorified bookkeepers with a special license.
  • The special license is to create what is called money from nothingness.
  • The creation of money is based on a paper agreement, nothing more and nothing less.
  • What is called is “money” is a form of a promise (take a good look at the paper you have in your

wallet and what is said on coins.

  • “Fiat currency” is what banks create. We, believe that it is “money”. “Fiat” means that the law provider (government) tells us, users of said “money”, by declaration of Law, that it is real! With other words, “we” have to have “Faith” (Fiat), that what is created by the banks is real “money”!


This is the most important part is creating money out of nothingness and it is also a super strong indication that banks do not have any money, unless it is CREATED!

Why do you think why the banking system is so incredibly protective of the public knowing that they are able to create “money”, out of nowhere, on the basis of a contract. This is, what banks do, the core of their business. Why do you think there are so many rules, regulations, laws governing of the banking business.

Do you own research,

Believe it & Understand it!


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It really does not matter who you are, what you are, how rich or powerful you think you are, the compliance regulations & laws, are globally active and pretty much standard everywhere.

These compliance regulations and laws are non-negotiable and nobody, in their right mind, so do not even consider negotiating, will deviate from them.


One of the most important is:

  • Non-solicitation of cash or i.e. of any kind by financial institutions. No regulated, no real provider of banking services or i.e. banking instrument, will ever solicit. It is forbidden for those organizations to solicit, period! Amateurs always demand the financial provider to send some kind of “advise” first before the requesting parting, firstly has past due diligence.


Compliance with rules, regulations and laws, for any service or product to be effectively derived from a financial institution, is based on so called compliance documents such as:

  • O.I. (Letter of Interest /Intent). A letter of intent is required by most providers of financial services and products. A L.O.I. is NOT a legal binding document, just a declaration of interest/intent.


  • KYC documents (Know Your Client documents). A KYC compliance package is based on a CIS (Client Information Sheet) and a passport copy.


  • AML document (Anti Money Laundering document)


  • Proof of funds (This is an absolute necessity to be able to be qualified for any financial transaction) A proof of funds can be in the form of a bank statement or a bank endorsed tearsheet, signed by two bank officers (with a pin number for verification) or even an SKR less than 1 work week old. Both forms of proof of funds (bankstatement/tearsheet) must be less than 3 work days old.)


  • T.V. (Authorisation To Verify). This document is for the verification of the proof of funds.


The above stated documents, are an absolute necessity. Without these documents, NOTHING HAPPENS!

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Lots of intermediaries are still, as it seems like it, somewhat in the dark about how things work in the big bad financial world. Let me tell you, things are very simple.

The bankers, pension funds, hedge funds and other financial institutions, including us have a favorite button. It is called the: “Delete button!” Believe me, even with us, that button is getting a lot of action and it is getting worn. If you send an offer and it is non-compliant with the (International) laws, regulations, government guidelines, money-laundering and other financial watchdogs, your offer will be deleted immediately if you are lucky.

The same accounts for physical commodity deals, oil, sugar, diamonds, you name it.

Non-compliance kills deals!

If you are, yes, you, the intermediary, are in full denial that you are going to get paid for acting as post office box, simply sending one after another to your network all over the world, throwing something against a proverbial wall and hoping that it will stick,… forget it!

Spammers kill deals!

If you are of those who believe that sending sanitized offers will get quality response from real buyers, stop right there, it is not going to happen. Stop wasting your time and that of some many others. Consider that an e-mail message can be send around the world in less than 5 min and stay in the system for the next, let’s say 100 years. No, you are not protecting your privacy or even protect your “client”. Stop immediately with sending sanitized documents and offers!

Sanitizers kill deals!

If you going to try to do something in this/these business spaces, makes sure that you have a proven relationship with the Principal/Owner of an asset (or whatever it may be). Chains of people are never appreciated.

Chains kill deals!


In short people, keep it simple, stick to the standard rules, laws and regulations. Keep it real and legal. If you do not know, educate yourself first. If you have it the back of your mind that you can change everything by yourself, you think you can be the smart cookie of the bunch, you have another coming. Unless you are the boss of the G20, BIS, FED, ECB, CBOC, JCB, you have guaranteed, no leg to stand on. You will be wasting your time, energy and worse….

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Minimum Requirements For Project Funding








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Use Your Asset(s) For Self Funding, Minimum Requirements






  • PROOF OF ASSET (P.O.A.) (= i.e. cash, bank instrument(s), SKR’s).
  • PROOF OF ASSET REGISTRATION (All pages on BLOOMBERG, DTCC, EUROCLEAR or similar, if applicable).
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